Purple Power Regular Registration Deadline Announcement…The Time to Register is NOW!!!

Hello Ladies,

Purple Power is approaching quickly. The time to register is NOW. The regular registration deadline is TODAY, July 1st. We are excited to present “The Evolution of an Exquisite, Enlightened, and Complete Sisterhood”. This event will not be the same without you!

I encourage you to register today, but not just for Purple Power. I encourage you register for the opportunity to see the organization, that we all love, in full effect. Register for a chance to be completely replenished, and fired up for the coming year. Register to see us live out our mission at a national level. We invite you to come learn about yourself and others like you.

On August 17, 2013 we will meet in Tallahassee Florida to educate, explore, enhance, and celebrate womanhood. If you’re still deciding if you will attend, I ask that you consider the benefits. Through events like Purple Power we are inspired, we are renewed, and we are better prepared to face the world we live in. We want you to attend and experience your complete sisterhood. DO NOT MISS OUT. We will see you in August!