Rated “R”

After speaking with several women, I’ve noticed that we share the same concerns regarding the state of relationships among men and women in the world today. Yes, the “R” I am referring to is Relationship. It is often said that people tend to tolerate and accept what is seen in society. In fact, those things have become the norm and it seems that men expect women to conform to these ideas and are considered “playing hard to get” “stuck up” and “having unrealistic expectations” when they don’t.

Well, what am I referring to? Let’s just take a look at what is seen in society. We see unmarried couples living together, we see teenagers with multiple children from different fathers, we see men and women having casual sex with multiple partners, we see men who no longer believe in chivalry, we see women who don’t respect their husbands and vice versa, we see women who throw themselves at men, we see men who disrespect, and degrade women, I can go on and on.

So, where do we go from here? One of the principles of BFDC is belief in a higher power so I will briefly say that all the issues, concerns, and problems we face can be resolved and answered from the Bible.

As women, we must not allow what we see to dictate what we will accept. Women should not accept being “the other woman.” If a man is in a relationship make him hold true to that union. If a man did not have or could not have “ a chick on the side” he would either have to work out his relationship or end it. Ladies, let’s have a little more respect for the women around us. Women should not accept “shacking up” to “see how it could be if they ever get married” what man will marry you if he is getting everything with no commitment. Women should not accept “having his baby” for the sake of keeping him. If you don’t know by now, that will never work. Men will treat you how you allow them to.

We really should expect more from our men and we should expect better for ourselves. If we truly respect the union between a man and woman, and we respect the women around us, some of the problems we see may cease. We must hold true to our dignity and integrity.

– April