Membership in all chapters is open throughout the year. Please contact a chapter in your area to complete a membership application. If you are not a college student and are interested in joining our circle, we are currently accepting applications for the development of city-wide chapters. City-wide chapters are made up of adult women in a given area who may or may not be alumni of the organization. Please contact us via email at for more information on developing a chapter in your area.

Collegiate Chapter Affiliation

In order for a collegiate chapter to organize as the Black Female Development Circle, Inc. they will be required to adhere to the following standards:

1. Submit an affiliation request in writing to the National Executive Board.
2. Receive written approval and authorization from the National Executive Board to create a chapter at the requested location.
3. Pay the required affiliation fee to the National Executive Board.
4. Set a date, in consultation with the National Executive Board, for the officers to complete the National Member Acceptance Program. The terms of the National Member Acceptance Program are as follows:

a. Completion and acceptance of the National Membership Application.
b. Completion of a preliminary interview (either face to face or telephone).
c. Completion of a one (1) day seminar facilitated by a member of the National Executive Board. Topics covered during the seminar will include, but are not limited to:

i. The purpose of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc.
ii. Effectively carrying out the mission of BFDC, Inc.
iii. Adhering to the National Standards of BFDC, Inc.
iv. New Member Orientation v. Officer Transition

5. Submit an official chapter membership roster to the National Executive Board.
6. Adopt one (1) of the two (2) National Philanthropies and notify the National Executive Board in writing of your selection. A plan of action must be included.

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