Self-Sabotage: Getting In Your Own Way

On the road to happiness, we come across a few obstacles. Work, family, friends, and of course relationships can play a part in preventing us from reaching true happiness. However, the one person who can control these factors is YOU.

We all deserve to be happy, but do we all think we deserve it?

There have been a times in our lives where God has given us wonderful things but we felt all too unworthy of it. We didn’t appreciate what He had given us so we self-sabotaged it, found some crazy way to turn it into something negative, thus making us more unhappy. For some of us, it’s in the men we meet. Find a good man, but find something wrong with him to prevent us from falling for him. Or, find a horrible man but stay with him because we think he’ll change for us. Some of us self-sabotage in our relationships with our parents. We try to so hard to disconnect from them, and end up turning into the very person we were trying not to be. Others self-sabotage at work, where we’re afraid of progression but then complain about not getting ahead.

We have to remind ourselves that we are the only person in charge of our happiness. We have the CHOICE to be happy. We DESERVE to be happy. So if you find a good man, keep him. If not, let him go. Embrace what you do like about your family and learn from the things you don’t like about them. Realize your potential not only at work, but everywhere you go.
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”– Marianne Williamson