“Shave Your Head Friends”

The next time you are with your friends, look to your left, look to your right, do you have a shave your head friend in your midst? We all have one, know of one, or may actually be the shave your head friend. I first heard about shave your head friends on the Tyra Banks Show. A Shave your head friend is someone who does not have your best interest at heart and will try to encourage, or persuade you to do something that will make you look bad or put you down. For example, when you are about to go out a shave your head friend will tell you that what you have on looks good when in reality it looks completely ridiculous. Or if what you have on looks good, that person may say that it doesn’t so you can change just so you won’t look better then them when you go out. There are a ton of examples of shave your head tactics, some that I have witnessed are: friends with short hair encouraging a friend with hair down her back to cut her hair into a bob; one friend that is plus size constantly buying chocolate covered doughnuts for another who is not; one friend that puts down the aspirations of another friend so that they will be on the same “level”; the list goes on. This is even evident among people who aren’t friends. It may be a co-worker or peer that plays down your work so that their work seems to be greater all the while trying to smile in your face and get “better acquainted.”

This is not to make you question the people around you or make you feel as though your friends are not trustworthy. This is just to make you aware. There is something more to it than a shave your friend being a hater, envious, or just down right two-faced. Most times, the basis of their tactics lies within their own insecurities. If you know of a shave your head friend or if YOU are the shave your head friend, try to determine the motive. Once you get down to the root of the cause you will begin to realize the intent. From this you can begin to grow and realize self-actualization or help someone else realize theirs.

See you all in NEW ORLEANS!!!!!