Show Up and Show Out

Have you ever had a “Why me?” moment? Ever questioned God’s motives for placing you in certain situations? Well then this blog is definitely for you!

We all know that everything happens for a reason but how many of us really take advantage of what is happening? Here is my story:

I have been at my new job as an Events Coordiantor for almost 5 months and everything has been going pretty smoothly. My co-workers are always welcoming, the staff is always cooperative, and my supervisor has been nothing short of understanding and helpful. As an events coordinator it is easy to assume that no two days are alike, however, I have been able to really grasp my day to day routine. All of a sudden, I go to work …then BOOM my supervisor is terminated. Now I’m still fairly new to the job but I have been asked to take over her job until further notice. My chin dropped to the ground. I then asked, WHY ME GOD? WHY NOW? WHY? Immediately I began to freak out because I’m unsure of what to do first. Not only do I have my own duties but now I have to manage a staff, attend department meetings, and do any damage control due to the recent cut in staff.
After speaking with family, friends, and of course my BFDC sisters, it was clear that God was giving me an opportunity to show my worth in the office. This was a chance for me to show everyone how I can step up to the plate and take on the challenge. I had been praying for something new, I had been praying for a way to earn more money and God showed up and showed out! Granted, my supervisor being terminated was not how I envisioned my prayers being answered but nonehtheless I am grateful.

This is also a lesson on being careful for what you pray for. Prayers do not fall on false ears. Trust me!