Smell the Roses

In the hustle of day to day living, how often do you take time for yourself? Between classes, friends, relationships, short term goals, meetings and organizations do you even find yourself happy? Next semester I am graduating and for as long as I could remember my life has been just about the same while an undergraduate student. But where did the time go?

Upset because I did not take the time to smell the roses, I look back at some of my accomplishments and can say that I am proud of myself, but something had to give in order to reach these goals. Often times as black women we have the drive and ambition to set out to leave our mark on the world and make a difference. In doing so, we put everyone and everything before ourselves.

Burning yourself out as a lot of people call it can be the result of taking on a lot of stress, and after evaluating this, you may realize WOW was it even really worth it? Its ok to be selfish sometimes, to only want to go to school and the gym, or go to work and have a drink after. Regardless of how you may be feeling or what toll life is taking on you, it WILL go on. I encourage you to evaluate everything that is stressing you out and, if need be, take a step back. Life is great and you can be truly happy, if you take time to smell the roses!