Social Media and the Denigration/Sexualization of the Woman

I am a habitual user of social media and spend a great deal of time browsing the popular pages. However, I have noticed an increased amount of pictures portraying women as mainly sex symbols. To make matters more interesting, its women that post half naked pictures of themselves on their social media accounts for whatever type of gain they are looking after. I find it disturbing and had a few questions regarding this growing trend…
Has social media made the woman a sex symbol, filled with followers and friends that glorify fake butts, bigger breasts and the tiniest waists?
Does the lack of bigger butts and breasts and slim waist make a woman insecure and inadequate and force them to get those “assets”?
Is it because that it seems as if the less clothes you wear or the more designer items you own, the bigger your follower base which increases your chances of greater income (whether its in advertisement, endorsements, hosting gigs, or possible reality TV show offers) ?
Why does the number of followers and likes you get validate your existence?
Why do women praise/applaud other women for showcasing their “curves,” whether natural or not? Does it makes a woman a woman?
Looking back on previous posts, have you noticed that unconsciously you have fell into this trend?
Because of this social media proclaimed “ideal body image” is the current standard, do you think that depression and eating disorders have increased in recent times?
Some may say that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram nor Snap Chat, themselves, have such power to make the woman a sex symbol, but with its rising popularity, many women are shown with less clothing on. How can we as an organization that prides themselves on educating, exploring, enhancing and celebrating womanhood addressing these issues?

I look forward to hearing your answers!