Spring Break Time

As college students we eagerly await the time for Spring Break to arrive, so we can have a break from school. During spring break most college students go to the beach, hang out with friends, catch up on sleep or travel. This spring break a group of girls and myself from the Florida International University chapter decided to take part in Alternative Breaks. Alternative Breaks is an organization in our school that chooses a cause to work on and  bring awareness to in a different city, country or state. The topic that we choose was women’s rights :).  Our location is Greensville, South Carolina !

While driving 13 hours ( yes, I did say 13 hours) I was nervous and excited to meet the girls that we would be working with for our spring break. Not knowing what to expect when we arrived to the location of where the girls would be, I was so surprised at how welcoming and friendly they were to us. Knowing that we would bring a smile to  their face and make a difference in their lives made my nervousness vanish away.

Spring Break in Miami would have been great, but making a difference for women’s rights and for these young girls is GREATER. When is the last time you made a difference and how did you do it ??