Stop Lying on Your “Haters”

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about plans you have for yourself and after they told you they didn’t thinkĀ  your goal was achievable, you immediately told them “stop hating!”? I have too. I’ve said it so much, in fact, that it has become an automatic response.

Could it be that every person who disagrees with me, who criticized me, or who has ever told me I couldn’t do something I knew I would in fact do, actually hates me? Then one day it occurred to me… what if they just don’t agree with me? What if the criticism they offered was just constructive? What if they don’t think I can do it… because they’ve never seen me do it?

Have we really gotten to a place where no one is allowed to see us in a way that we don’t see ourselves? It’s one thing when a person down plays your success or tries to convince you that your achievements don’t mean anything. That sounds like jealousy. However, when people let you know what they think of your ideas, goals, or even achievements, it could be that they are just sharing their opinion. An opinion that doesn’t align with what yours, or what you wanted to hear, but their opinion nonetheless. Granted, it might be laced with negativity, but some people (actually quite a few people) call that “keeping it real”.

In the end, who cares? If they’re hating, let them. If they’re giving their opinion, let them. If they’re keeping it real… try not to laugh. Either way, none of it changes the fact that you’re still able to be successful. Live your life, focus on the important things, and don’t be so easily distracted.

Oh, and don’t let your haters be your motivators. 1. Positive reinforcement is more powerful than negative reinforcement and 2. God is Love – let Love Rule :-).