Super Woman vs. Virtuous Woman

A phenomenon I’ve noticed with successful women in college and out, is a term I would like to coin as the “Super Woman Syndrome”. You see the Super Woman Syndrome causes a woman to take on the assumed tasks of student, CEO, choir director, children’s ministry leader, co-chair of the women’s conference, mother, wife, head PTA chair, President of the Cooking Club, research assistant, secretary of their sorority, volunteer of the week and still have the audacity to want to lead five workshops each month. The Super Woman Syndrome tends to leave a woman burned-out, tired 24/7 with occasional weight influx. She does a lot but cannot give her all in everything she is a part of. She believes there is not enough hours in the day. My sister, ponder upon your life right now…

Do you have a bad case of the Super Woman Syndrome?
Do you feel stretched in 1 million directions?
Do you want peace of mind and rest at night?
Ever considered being a virtuous woman instead?

In Proverbs 31:10-31 God outlines what a virtuous woman is. The virtuous woman is a wife, a mother, seamstress, businesswoman, international shopper, cook, trader, and volunteer. She helps the poor and needy and is concerned about fashion. Sounds like a Super Woman right? Well here’s a few things she has that the Super Woman does not: wisdom, balance, grace, strength and above all else she fears the Lord. Because we are phenomenal women, we are going to wear many hats. But it is most important to have balance. The Proverbs 31 woman had many titles but she wore them all with grace, and balance and her children and husband called her blessed because she was able to give her all in everything she did without over exerting herself. She knows what her limits are and she carefully uses her wisdom before she makes a final decision. Most importantly she fears the Lord and has a relationship with Him therefore she leans to Him to keep her restored, rested, righteous and rejoicing always!

Know what your limits are, drop what is unfruitful in your life, get some rest and evaluate your life so that you are able to give 100% in all that you are a part of. Take a deep breath… You don’t have to be Super woman anymore! Give your burdens to God, allow Him to prioritize your life and ask Him for the grace and balance the Virtuous woman has to wear all your hats well, just like the Purple Hat Lady!

Grace and Peace Be Unto You,
Kiara J. Nair