The Power of No…

We have all been in situations where we have given more to others when they have not even considered giving anything to us. I am pretty sure we have been in situations where we have put time and effort in areas that we’re not deserving of either. I have witnessed many people both male and female do this same thing over and over again.

We will endure heart break , frustration, even compromise our health for others simply because we have not mastered the power of no. When we have mastered something we are not afraid to use it because we are confident in our ability to use what we have mastered at the right time and place. What is so interesting to me about the word NO that it is pronounced the same and has the meaning in any language or country.

So I challenge all readers to start mastering the power of NO with that person who keeps borrowing money and not paying it back , or the people who want to use your car but never have gas money, or the person who only calls when they want something. Start with them, and once you do you will have control over your emotions and both your heart and mind will be peace.

All the priceless items are free once you start mastering the power of NO 🙂