Time is $$$

Have you noticed in life, we are rewarded by the time we give? If you give up a number of hours to work for your job, you are rewarded with a paycheck. If you volunteer a number of your hours, it will be recorded and could count towards receiving a scholarship or recognition. Time HAS to be rewarded.

A couple of months ago, I came across the scripture, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth (Proverbs 10:4).” So at first I thought, God just doesn't like lazy people therefore let me be diligent so I can receive all that He has for me. However, I missed the very same principle I stated above. Time HAS to be rewarded. Whether you see it rewarded now or later.

Have you ever wondered why internships reaped so many benefits? It's because the time you invest in something, without getting monetary pay HAS to get rewarded. Countless times I have seen the the organizations and companies that I sowed my time into without pay give me the reward of another amazing opportunity or a job with pay because that time HAS to be rewarded to me.

So as I was waiting to meet with one of my mentors, I reviewed that scripture again and God revealed that principle of time to me again. The reason why laziness leads to poverty is because they are not investing their time in anything! Therefore they cannot be rewarded for time that they did not invest in doing something. Just as simple as that. Diligent hands, people who are faithful in working and sowing their time, will have great wealth because they sowed much time.

Lately, what have you procrastinated and been lazy in? Have you wondered why you're not prospering in those things? Perhaps you're not dedicating the time you ought to be, to be rewarded. So get on the ball ladies! If you want to prosper, give up your time and I PROMISE it will be rewarded because God is faithful to complete every Word He promised! Time HAS to be rewarded. Time is $$$.

May you have a productive and diligent summer,
Kiara J. Nair