To Lead, or not to Lead, a Goal-Driven Life…

A life should be filled with setting and achieving goals for I believe that one should always want to attain something more. Many always ask me how do you do “this,” while maintaining “that,” so I’ve decided to share my secret: set goals and go after them! Simple!

Here are a few tips for how I actually set goals so that they seem more attainable…

1- Always have a goal set, big or small, because that’s what keeps the “umph” in your life. There will always be something to strive for;

2- Write your goals down. You can record your goals in a journal, a planner or a vision board. This makes it more of a contract with yourself to motivate you to actually reach it. Additionally, it can always serve as a reference if you feel yourself getting off track and need to get back in line with your initial goals;

3- Set a plan of action. This involves setting smaller goals that would ultimately lead to your main goal. For example, if you wanted to become a notable freelance make-up artist, some smaller goals that you can set are, 1- making sure that you apply make-up on at least two different people a week so that you can get comfortable with doing others make-up, 2-watch at least two YouTube make-up tutorials a week so that you can learn more techniques, and/or 3-enroll in a cosmetology class so that you can become certified in your field. All of these smaller steps would eventually make your big goal of becoming a make-up artist a reality.

4- Follow through with your plan of action. Make sure that your plan of action is realistic and flexible.

Lastly, do not think that your goals are too far-fetched. As long as you wake up everyday with your goals on your mind and the strength and endurance to attain them, you will. My own little theory about the successful vs. the unsuccessful is that what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is not that the successful are smarter, more creative or more deserving, but the simple fact that the successful keep setting goals and doing whatever necessary to reach them.

Now, go lead the goal-driven life you have always wanted! 🙂