To My Sisters

Dear Sisters,

I hope this letter finds you all in great health and wellness. I wanted to this take this opportunity to share with all of you a recent revelation of mine. My goal however is by the end of this blog, to make us better believers in ourselves and each other.

I am currently on a road to happiness. It took me a while to figure it out, but somehow I knew where I was in life was not all that was offered to me. I admit, I have settled (quite a few times) in both my professional and personal life. Always the people-pleaser, never the Jazmin-motivator, which consequently, ruined relationships, effected my health, and became the root of my unhappiness. Now while on this road I of course had some speed bumps. I‘ve been cut off, got a couple flat tires, and ran over a few times. However, I KNOW my destination is so worth this journey.

To my sisters, I encourage you all to find your happiness and understand that it ultimately starts with us. It may get ugly, it may hurt, it may cause doubt, but when you fully commit yourself to YOU, you’ll be surprised how fulfilling life can be. I am grateful to this organization for its continued push toward self-actualization and improvement. For we know “development” never stops. I am also grateful for the beautiful sisters I’ve made, those who directly and indirectly inspire me to be better. Thank you.

I am currently on a road to happiness. I can’t wait to see you there.