Tough Decisions

There is so much that goes into making a “good” decision. You weigh the pros and cons, evaluate best and worst case scenarios, consider how you and others will be impacted, and then… you pull the lever and make a choice. If it were only that simple. It usually takes me a really long time to make a decision. The more unpopular the decision could be, the longer it takes for me to make it. However, in the end I try to always ask myself a few questions that tends to make the decision a little easier. I decided to share them below in case any of you are mulling over some tough decisions of your own.

1. Why do you want to do this? Is it for attention, or do you truly believe this is the right thing to do?

Sometimes I’ve had to be really honest with myself and turn down opportunities because the only thing I was excited about was what people would say or think. That, to me, is not genuine. I’ve also learned that you can never anticipate what people will think or say, so if you’re doing it for the wrong reason and people don’t think or say what you wanted them to, then you’re stuck “being seen” and you can’t even lean on your convictions.

2. Who will benefit from your choice? Who will suffer?

This should be self explanatory, but it’s really important to think through the consequences and benefits of all of our actions.

3.  Am I ready for the outcome?

Even good decisions with limited fall out have outcomes. So if everything goes to plan, are you ready?

4. What is best?

This is the toughest questions to answer. Sometimes what’s best isn’t what you really want. Sometimes selfishness will cause you to think that your way is the best way. So the challenge with this question is really wrapping all the previous questions up in a a cute little ball and deciding that even if it isn’t your preference, will you do what constitutes a greater good?

I don’t have all the answers, but at least I am getting more and more comfortable living with my decisions.