Trust Issues

I was recently on my social network and as I was scrolling through, a particular statement caught my eye. It read “You can’t fully trust anyone anymore.” For some odd reason I have been hearing and seeing that same statement recently, which baffles me. I immediately thought about a quote made famous by the show Laguna Beach “Like everyone, and trust no one.” Although I absolutely love the person who made the statement and was addicted to the show, I could not disagree more and my reasoning is quite simple.

I believe people will always break our trust. People will always let us down. People will not always be who and what they proclaim. People will lie, people will deceive and people will leave. Notice the trend? PEOPLE are flawed! Therefore, ladies we need to stop placing our trust in people, stop confiding in people and stop allowing ourselves to be consumed by people. We need to realize that there IS someone who we can, in fact trust. Know that there is someone who promised to never leave, nor forsake us. That someone is greater than any friend or any significant other. That someone is God.

Now I know no one likes to have the Bible thrown in their face or have the answer to every question be God but that’s the issue. We rely so much on a physical body, a physical solution and a physical opinion to get us through, often forsaking the omnipotent force above. Trusting in God wholeheartedly can literally move mountains but it’s up to us to make it happen.

When you are feeling down, when you just want to give it all up and when you feel like no one is on your side, just look up.