Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I deemed it necessary to talk to my single sisters about our annual “DOOM’S DAY”. Why do we (single women) get so salty when this holiday comes around? …It’s not for us. Yeah, I said it: Valentine’s Day is not for single women, so why is it so important? Do we get this upset when Mother’s Day comes around, knowing we don’t have any kids? NO. Do we crawl into a ball during Hanukkah, when we know we don’t have a lick of Jewish blood in us? NO. And do we throw a fit when we can’t get a free breakfast sampler at IHOP on Veteran’s day, knowing good and well we’re not trying to go to war?… My point exactly.

I’ve heard comments like, “I don’t want to hear any love songs that day,” or “I’m not going outside,” oh and my absolute favorite, “I’m going to wear black all day.” Really ladies? We would go through all that trouble to be miserable on a day that wasn’t created for us in the first place?

I have learned that people will do better when they know better so let me inform you on the history of this man-made day. As history explains it, St. Valentine’s Day goes back to about 270 AD, during the times of Saint Valentine who (against Emperor Claudius II wishes) performed secret weddings for young soldiers and their lovers. Valentine was later arrested and began writing letters to his own lover, signing it with the commonly known phrase “From your Valentine.” So, there you have it. Valentine’s Day is just another day for lovers to show how much they love one another.

I posted this topic on Twitter and Facebook and I was quite amazed at the responses I received. Here is one that replayed over and over in my head: “If a girl is single…there isn’t someone the other 364 days…we deserve to be showered at least once.” It bothered me a bit to read it because I knew there were many of us who felt that way. My immediate response was “well what happens on February 15th?” We go back to our normal lives, right? So again I ask, why is this day so important?

My sisters, we have to know that we deserve more than that. We have to know that we deserve to be showered every single day just because of the wonderful, beautiful women that we are. And if we don’t have man, that is ok, we’ll just go about our day like we did the day before. And if its love we’re seeking, it’s not only found in men. I know a group of beautiful black women who would love to offer it to you. I do apologize, ladies if this post appears a little harsh, but I know that I am worth so much more than one day of chocolates, teddy bears and hallmarks and you should too. BFDC LOVE

-Jazmin Jones