We are needed!

For the past 2 weeks, I have been working in inner-city Miami, teaching creative writing and media production. During the course of these two weeks, I have realized one thing: BFDC is needed. I have come across 12 year old boys who can not read or write in complete sentences, young girls who think having a boyfriend makes them a better person. Most of these kids come from very unstable households and have adapted a “fight to survive” mentality that they carry it everywhere they go. This is where BFDC can really flourish. With our organization growing every year, we have the know-how and the opportunity to go out and mentor young children. What better role models than young, college educated women with the principles BFDC were founded on? Exactly.

The funny thing I learned over the course of these two weeks were that these kids WANT to learn. They are happy to have someone show genuine interest in their well-being. It brings me joy when I give a writing assignment for homework and the next day my students are excited to share them with me. All they need is a little guidance. They need BFDC. 🙂

I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little anxious because I see first hand the void these children have. I plan to continue to show my “BFDC-ness” in everything I do. Especially with my students.