What’s Left to be Seen in 2013?

Thanksgiving has passed and the Christmas trees are up! Holiday music can be heard everywhere we go. Truly, it’s one of the MOST wonderful times of the year. Some of us have already picked out our New Year’s dresses so that we enter the year looking our best!

Our culture is quick to be “on to the next.” Christmas music is played before Thanksgiving, New Year’s Plans are set before Christmas is even close to arrive. So often we are thinking so far into our future that we never live in the NOW. And now as you read this blog with approximately 3 weeks left before 2014 arrives, take a deep breath and smile. Look at all you have accomplished this year. New car, graduation, new job, new house, better relationships, new business, you may have even gotten engaged (like me 😉 ) or even married this year! Wow… Reflect on that. And truth be told, there is STILL more to be seen in 2013!

Don’t get so far into 2014 that you waste the next 20-odd days thinking about things you can do right NOW! Truth be told, the calendar changing from one year to the next is not gonna give you some jump to do all these new things you’ve never done before! Think about it…. What “New Year Resolution” have you yet to achieve this year? Well start on it NOW. Everyday you should Resolve to be a New You, forget a New Year Resolution! You know better than anyone else what you could work on. And if you don’t, ask one of your mentors or someone you value highly what they believe you can develop in. Assess that and start now. There’s no point of starting tomorrow what you can do today. And I am preaching to myself right now!

Believe that your 2014 dreams can happen in 2013! Make it happen now 🙂

Kiara J. Nair