What’s Next!?

Summer graduations are happening now and first I want to say CONGRATS! It is an AWESOME accomplishment to graduate from college because many may enroll, but not all graduate. After all the parties and celebrations that million dollar question arises.. What’s next?

Sometimes people are able to answer that question right away with their plan of action, but it’s not that simple for others to do. A plan is very important to have especially when it comes to trying to achieve your goals and aspirations. For those without a plan it’s okay… no really it is! Its fine to have short term goals that are temporary until you figure out your long term goals.

When I graduated I had friends who were going off to graduate school in different states right after graduation because they knew they wanted to be advisors, professors, nurses, etc. I on the other hand made a plan to go to graduate school in a field that I was unsure about. My plan eventually fell through and I ended up back home, in a place I didn’t want to be, sad feeling like I had no future. But two years later I am a working woman about to start my masters in a different field that I am passionate about. I needed that reality check and the time to really figure out what I wanted out of life.

So all in all kudos to those with a plan and for those without one don’t freak out! I’m an example that you still have time to figure it out. Good luck to everyone embarking on new chapters in their lives!

Johnesha Hinson