What’s Your Analogy?

In my Expository Writing class, my professor talked about using analogies in our writing to better connect to our readers. So to better understand what analogies were, he asked us to compare ourselves to an inanimate object in our room. Called Empathic Analogy, we would imagine ourselves as the object, become capable of human response and answer these questions:

• What do you feel like when you’re being used?

• How do people differ in their use of you?

• What don’t users understand about you?

• Do you get frustrated with the way you’re treated?

• What would you rather be?

Here was my response:
I am a painting, a piece of art, a rare beauty that is interesting to the eye–but there is much more to me than that. It takes time and patience to get to know me and discover my deeper meaning. I am a bit guarded, not letting people get too close to me because I fear I will be hurt (destroyed). I become frustrated with people because I know when they genuinely appreciate me or when they have me around just to say they have me. Although most people may not readily understand my value, I know I will be of greater value as I get older and only those who can afford me (family, close friends, etc.) will have me in their lives. I would rather be a drawing by pre-k student. It is immediately appreciated, there is no guard, more personal, and people smile every time they see it.
A very interesting assignment if I could say so myself. I recommend everyone try this one out. By the end, you will be able assess your life and those in it. You never know how you really feel about yourself until you are forced to be honest…So what’s your analogy?