Where are all the GOOD men???

This is a question I often hear women ask, and to be quite honest I’ve asked it before too. It wasn’t until I witnessed the same man be a jerk to one woman and be a prince to another that I realized… the good men are all around us. The question is not “where are the good men?” It’s, “will he be good to me?”

Ladies, it’s time we stop assuming that a man won’t be good to us, just because he wasn’t good to someone else. It’s also time we stop allowing these men to mistreat us just because we like the attention… chances are he never intended to be good to us.

Recently, I found out a man was blatantly lying to me about his relationship status… Wasting time getting to know me when he knew full well that he had no intention of actually being good to me. When I realized what was going on, I immediately stop talking to him. I didn’t ask him why he was lying, because… he was lying. That means any answer he gave me would have probably been a lie. I didn’t contact the girl (even though I wanted to), because 1. He was lying… so he probably would have lied on me, and 2. I felt like the best thing I could do for her was not be the other woman. The truth always comes out and she’ll find out who she’s dealing with soon enough (if she doesn’t know already). While I realize that he’s not being good to her by cheating and certainly was not being good to me by lying, that doesn’t mean that he won’t find a woman he truly cares for and be good to her.

Overall ladies, we need to be worthy of the man we want to attract and stop settling for men who are willing to mistreat us just because we don’t want to be alone. Personally, I’d rather be happily single than miserable in a relationship… but that’s just me.

Don’t worry ladies… I know some of these guys have issues… I’ll address them in my next blog 😉