Woman in the Mirror

Oftentimes we find ourselves asking why women are so “bitchy” “catty” “immature” and “petty” and in the midst of picking apart everything that is wrong with her, we slowly but surely become everything we despise. It’s important as we become older and strive to develop ourselves that in dealing with other women, especially black women we learn to handle situations and difficulties properly.

Especially in school and the workplace it is important to come from a place of respect and love when dealing with our sisters, we are fighting the same battles and demons. As said in prior blogs many of us have the disposition of “I don’t do females” and that is why we ask you to keep this blog in mind whenever you find yourself frustrated and ready to pull your claws out. Set an example for the next woman, you’d be surprised how you may deflect someone’s negative preconceived notions about you and receive a more favorable outcome.