We just celebrated Mother’s day! A day to celebrate and praise the women that have made it possible for each and every one of us to be here. Mother’s day is a day to celebrate one of the feminine contributions to our society.  All women, regardless of age, marital status, and personal circumstances, can have great influence for good. We can all “mother” children and youth around us in our families, neighborhoods, communities, church goers, etc. We can all look for those around us who need our loving care and support.

In some ways motherhood is all about womanhood. The power of our bodies in giving birth, providing nourishment; our love, our nurturing. Those are all the things that are womanhood. I don’t have children but It seems like everyone in my age group is either pregnant or have just had a baby. I admire their strength and courage in going through this life change. Hopefully one day I’ll be in their place, no rush though :-). One thing that a lot of the women have in common is self-body image. As a woman going through “The change” i.e. pregnancy, it takes a toll on their confidence and how they perceive themselves. The same goes for all women, whenever there is a drastic change with our exterior i.e pregnancy, car accident, weight gain, etc, we as women at times think that it’s the end of the world. I guess you can say I’m a victim. I went to college as a slim waist, 5”7, fine, 123lbs stallion, lol. I left school a stallion but weighing about 150lbs. I saw my body changing but didn’t really feel like I had “time” to get the weight gain under control. And as a woman I started to get frustrated and mad with myself like we all do. I have it under control now, let’s just say LA Fitness is now my best friend #bittersweet lol 🙂

As women and mothers we want to make sure we realize that self image is all mental. Meaning either you get over it or take care of. We as women have to increase self-care first before we wait for validation from others on how we look. Just be comfortable in your own skin and think positive. As we turn to God for guidance and seek to prioritize our lives so that the most important relationships get our best time and effort. We have to remember that we can be powerful instruments in His hands for eternal good. With low self-esteem that’s not possible. So stop beating yourself up about how this looks and that looks… 🙂  You’re beautiful! I’m beautiful! We’re beautiful!

 We have to remember that without us there would be nothing. Without mothers there would be no Barack and Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Coretta Scott King, etc.  So we must remember not to give ourselves such a hard time. Let’s be the inspiring and nurturing women God created and hopefully take over the world someday. Because if you think about it, it really is ours!  “Who run the world? Girls!” 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day everyone, everyday!!!!