Would you like Milk in your coffee?

We have all seen and heard it time and time again. More Black men in jail than in college, Black women receiving higher and higher education. Not enough good Black men to go around blah blah blah…sooo what does that really mean? Should we start telling ourselves that there is no big white wedding for us little black girls because there is no one for us? Or does that mean we CAN have a big white wedding, except the dress won’t be the only thing that’s white…

Chris Rock in his stand up said “the only reason Black women hate Black men dating outside of there race is because they’re to scared to do it themselves…” Is that true? Does the thought of irish cream, leave a bitter taste in your mouth? Are you not interested in colombian coffee or an exotic blend? Perhaps, you have your mind so fixated on your 6’6 chocolate dream that you won’t see a good man if he fell in your lap. It’s time for us as Black women to stop fearing criticism from others as well as free our self from the mind set that Black men are the end all.

We deserve to be appreciated, honored, respected, and cherished. Don’t get me wrong I think Black Love is BEAUTIFUL and I am a product of it myself. But I was also raised to understand that I am a Queen and if my King comes into my life not necessarily resembling me, that’s fine because I should be with someone who compliments me. Don’t get hung up on statistics, critics, and dreams because at the end of the day it is up to you whether or not you will be happy.

If you are discouraged with your same dating scene or feel like you’ve met everyone who’s eligible, maybe its time to look in a different direction and evaluate your lists. If we want a successful, family oriented, God fearing man (like most black women state) do other races not have men that are those things? Broaden your horizons and try different flavors, you never know what you will find!