You are a good catch—why aren’t you in a relationship?

Dating can be a difficult thing especially when you know what you want, know what you don’t want, and you are sure about what you cannot deal with. The options are extremely slim, but at least there is a chance for you to be able to be HAPPY. Happy because you can be straight forward with your guidelines and it’s either stay or go, because at this point everyone is clear on expectations. It’s not being too pushy; it’s just being self-assured and honest.

Completing this task first requires you to do some self discovery, which will lead to knowledge of self-worth, self-awareness, and self-esteem. Find yourself, so you will know what to look for in a man.

Start another, more private relationship with God. Gain that oneness with him, so you can develop a foundation for when you do find that ONE. We have to know that sometimes we need that silent help that no one can witness, but you to guide you into the right direction at that grocery store, mall, library, or work hallway :-).

It’s starts with you, but it doesn’t have to end with the last relationship. Just keep walking; it may be around the corner.

What can you do while you wait?

Are you really ready for what you’re looking for?