Your Blessing is Waiting for You!

Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary! On September 10, 2002, the Black Female Development Circle became a legally incorporated entity! When we got incorporated, we had no intention of becoming a “national” organization, we just wanted to protect our name and symbols and we thought that was the way to do it. Seven years later, after we had become a national organization and we submit our 501 (c) 3 application to the IRS, the fact that we had been incorporated and had a “proven record of activity and commitment” helped us to achieve this goal quickly and without hassle or trouble.

This story is important to me because the longer I am involved with BFDC, the more I become aware that God has a plan for this organization that he is so graciously using me, the board members, and our chapter members to carry out. All we have to do is keep moving forward, doing what He asks of us, and doing it for His greater purpose and He ensures that everything falls into place. None of our incorporators had ever incorporated and organization before. None of our first board members had ever started a national organization before making BFDC national. None of the members of our board had ever planned national events before planning for BFDC. But, as Bishop McKissick, Jr in my home church (Bethel Baptist Institutional Church) in Jacksonville, FL always says; God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called!

We faithfully took up the call we were given and He helps us to execute effectively every time. Of course we've made mistakes along the way, and we still do, but overall and in the end His ever present hand is always there guiding us and preparing us for the next step on our journey.

So, if God could have a plan for a small but faithful group of women involved with BFDC, why wouldn't he have a plan for you? A lot of times we miss out on what is meant for us because we “aren't ready”, or we're waiting for the perfect timing. However, if I haven't learned anything in my life, I have certainly learned that God's time is the perfect time, whether I'm ready or not.

For all of you out there struggling with a decision, or lamenting “the right thing at the wrong time”, I encourage you to reflect on what's truly holding you back. God won't put a desire in your heart for no reason, so if the desire is there (and it was put there by God), let this be your wake up call to do your part because… your blessing is waiting for you!

Thank You to the BFDC Incorporators!

Yjhonne Henley

Tamica Hill

Maloni Jones

Yanique Lawrence

Ranell Lewis

Sandra Miles

Andrea Waddy

Angelica Washington

Arnetta Wilson