Welcome to The Black Female Development Circle Inc.


Who We Are

The Black Female Development Circle is an organization of black women that came together at the University of Florida in 1994. The group was founded to serve as a support system for black women. Meetings were to be a place where women with similar experiences could come together to discuss current events and find comfort from women who could relate to them. Since that time, collegiate chapters have been established at The University of Central Florida, Florida State University, Florida International University, University of South Florida, Flagler College ,University of Miami and the University of Connecticut.

Our MISSION is to


Enhance and Celebrate Womanhood





The purpose of BFDC is to


Present vital knowledge in the form of mental and spiritual challenges to reshape thinking;


Provide mandatory practical life skills and specialized life skills that empower, and


Generate a stable environment of respect, admiration, and appreciation for our own kind and our contributions.

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BFDC, Inc. was founded at the University of Florida in 1994. The group was designed to serve as a support system for black women. Meetings were to be a place where women with similar experiences could come together to discuss current events and find comfort from women who could relate to them. A chapter was then established at The University of Central Florida in the fall of 1996, and the organization has flourished since that time.

During the summer of 2000, the active members within the UCF chapter decided to take BFDC in a new direction. They began to have business meetings where plans were made for more forums, fundraisers, and celebratory events to educate the UCF community about the issues that face black women. A membership drive was also put into effect in order to recruit more dynamic women into the organization.

The next chapter of BFDC history began on September 10, 2002. This is the date that our organization officially became incorporated thanks to the hard work and dedication of Sandra Miles; Tamica Hill; Yanique Lawrence; Maloni Jones; Arnetta Wilson; Ranell Lewis; Yjhonne Henley; Angelica Washington; and Andrea Waddy (respectively), the BFDC incorporators.

While the UCF chapter has grown by leaps and bounds, BFDC has continued to expand it’s horizons by establishing a chapter at Florida State University during the Spring of 2006.

Collegiately, BFDC has a membership roster full of dedicated women, and has gotten back to its feminist roots. Events like Tribute to a Black Man, BFDC’s group therapy, book club meetings, Ladies Night Out, and Shades of Womanhood are all ways for the members to promote their idea of what black feminism is. And, as the circle will never be broken by titles, any member of BFDC enjoys having an active voice in every area of business.

As a result of the expansion and growth, the Spring of 2006 also witnessed the birth of the National Board of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc. A group of dedicated women came together to ensure that the integrity, history, and purpose of BFDC would not be compromised due to differences in geographical locations of chapters, or opinions of the members. The National Board was not established to impose upon the everyday work of the collegiate chapters, rather it was formed to maintain consistency in the ideals and principles that the organization was founded upon.

Since its creation, the National Board continues to work hard to maintain strong connections with the collegiate chapters and seeks input from them on all areas of business. Additionally, the National Board has begun planning leadership retreats so members from all chapters can foster relationships and further carryout the mission of the Black Female Development Circle, Inc.

Collegiate Chapters

University of Miami- umbfdc@gmail.com

University of Central Florida Chapter – bfdcucf@gmail.com

Flagler College – flaglerbfdc@gmail.com

University of South Florida Chapter – bfdcusf@gmail.com

University of Connecticut- bfdcuconn@gmail.com


Our Initiatives

Yes, I am all that! Promoting Positive Self– Esteem

This project is geared toward groups of individuals for self esteem coaching and enhancement. It would require that the chapter as a unit produce events that educate, explore, enhance and celebrate woman- hood. For example, presenting a seminar on public speaking or hair care tips would be a means of carrying out this project.

I am a reflection of Excellence role modeling and mentoring in my community

This project requires a more hands on approach to mentoring individ- uals in order to provide guidance and support for those who are being mentored. The chapter could choose to mentor high school students (preferred) or pair up members within the organization to serve as mentors and mentees.

National Board

National Director: Chelsea Dingle


Associate Director: Alaina Augustin


National Director of Alumni At-Large Affairs: Latisha Miller

National Director of Marketing:Dominique Washington


National Miss Women of Excellence: Sierra Bruno


Immediate Past National Director: Shirelle Shipman