National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Kristi Brownlee

Hello everyone, I am Kristi Brownlee. I am representing the University of Miami chapter of the Black Female Development Circle in this year’s Miss Woman of Excellence Scholarship Pageant. I am currently a junior studying Public Health on the Pre-Medical track.

Female unity and empowerment are values that I uphold and advocate for. The reason I joined BFDC is because I was introduced to a group of like-minded women that upheld these same values. I love that the women of BFDC are my confidants and my supporters. Being the representative of my chapter was the least I could do to advocate and promote the values that we hold close to our hearts.

This year, in accordance with the pageant theme –Excellence Around the World –I will be representing the Dominican Republic. This country’s rich and emotional history, specifically pertaining to the struggles and triumphs of Afro-Dominicans, has been influential in my efforts to justly portray and represent it. The racial tensions within this country and the corresponding social segregation are reminiscent of racial disparities in the United States. Thus, in my efforts to be a representation of excellence around the world, I am appreciative of this country’s history and I look forward to what this pageant has in store. Be blessed!

National Miss Woman of Excellence Contestant: Amber Mark

My name is Amber Mark and I am the current Miss Woman of Excellence for The University of Central Florida Chapter of The Black Female Development Circle, Incorporated. I am a senior majoring in Health Sciences Pre Clinical with hopes of becoming an orthodontist. I join BFDC Spring 2013 and I’ve been a national member ever since. I have gained so much from BFDC, things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I’ve met some of my closest friends in the BFDC Circle. The women in BFDC have helped me shape who I am, and grow into myself as a woman. This is why holding the National Miss Woman of Excellence title would mean so much to me. This organization will forever be engraved in my heart. I have the honor of representing the country of Brazil in the 2015-2016 national pageant.


Miss Woman of Excellence 2016!

GET EXCITED! Our National Miss Woman of Excellence Pageant will be held on March 19th, 2016 at the University of Central Florida. We expect EVERY collegiate chapter to come to Orlando and support this year’s amazing contestants. These beautiful young ladies will be educating us about the depths and diversity of the African Diaspora, highlighting Excellence Around The WorldBe on the look out for SPECIAL blog posts from each contestant throughout the month of February. Lastly, don’t forget to support your chapter Miss Woman of Excellence on her journey to the crown by donating Ads, words of encouragement, and most importantly, attending the National pageant! We can’t wait to paint UCF purple, yet again, and crown our NEW National Miss Woman of Excellence. If you have any questions about the pageant, feel free to contact myself or Jakia Rogers ( at any time!


BFDC Love,


Aierress Hanna

Social Media and the Denigration/Sexualization of the Woman

I am a habitual user of social media and spend a great deal of time browsing the popular pages. However, I have noticed an increased amount of pictures portraying women as mainly sex symbols. To make matters more interesting, its women that post half naked pictures of themselves on their social media accounts for whatever type of gain they are looking after. I find it disturbing and had a few questions regarding this growing trend…
Has social media made the woman a sex symbol, filled with followers and friends that glorify fake butts, bigger breasts and the tiniest waists?
Does the lack of bigger butts and breasts and slim waist make a woman insecure and inadequate and force them to get those “assets”?
Is it because that it seems as if the less clothes you wear or the more designer items you own, the bigger your follower base which increases your chances of greater income (whether its in advertisement, endorsements, hosting gigs, or possible reality TV show offers) ?
Why does the number of followers and likes you get validate your existence?
Why do women praise/applaud other women for showcasing their “curves,” whether natural or not? Does it makes a woman a woman?
Looking back on previous posts, have you noticed that unconsciously you have fell into this trend?
Because of this social media proclaimed “ideal body image” is the current standard, do you think that depression and eating disorders have increased in recent times?
Some may say that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram nor Snap Chat, themselves, have such power to make the woman a sex symbol, but with its rising popularity, many women are shown with less clothing on. How can we as an organization that prides themselves on educating, exploring, enhancing and celebrating womanhood addressing these issues?

I look forward to hearing your answers!


“Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure; and she smiles at the future [knowing that she is prepared].

-Proverbs 31:25

With a New Year comes New Year resolutions and the renewed desire for change.  Everyone has goals that they want to reach, new motivations, and new mindsets. A vast majority of these goals lay on the foundation of dieting and wanting to lose weight, getting a man, or getting more money.  As I scroll through my social media, I often see various hash tags of goals that people are aspiring to reach (#relationshipgoals, #financialgoals, etc.) I can’t help but think that people are so wrapped up in who they feel like they need to become or what they need more of, that they forget who they are now and what their God-given purpose is. I am a firm believer in focusing on the present and fulfilling the things that we were called to do. If we are not careful, we can get caught up in what we see and begin comparing ourselves to other people and then making that our new aspiration in life.

To be honest, I too, have been caught up in my own day dreams. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and wondering about my future. I have compared my life to other people and have felt some type of way that I’m not where they are.  As I mediate on the above scripture, I ask myself, “When was the last time you considered yourself clothed with strength and dignity?” “Is your position strong and secure?” “Do you smile at the future?” “Are you prepared?”

When we learn to stop looking to the left or right and keep our eyes fixed on God and the purpose He has placed over our lives, it is then when our position is truly secure. It’s then when we can laugh at the days to come because our future is in Him, not in what we see on social media. He clothes us with strength and dignity no matter our size, our income, or our relationship status. So let’s not beat ourselves up for not having what others have or for not looking like an Instagram model.  Let’s change what is necessary for our own individual journey in life and focus on that so that we may be prepared to receive all the blessings that are in store for us.

BFDC Love,


To Educate, Explore, Enhance, and Celebrate Womanhood